Sunday, 28 June 2009

North American Imperialism and the Extreme Right are Behind Coup in Honduras: Chavez

[The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, manifested his rejection, this Sunday, of the kidnapping of the president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, by that nation's military, and said that North American imperialism and the extreme right are behind this act.]

North American Imperialism and the Extreme Right are Behind Coup in Honduras: Chavez

June 28th 2009, by ABN / Tamara Pearson -

This morning military personal kidnapped Honduran president Manuel Zelaya. According to one witness, 200 soldiers arrived at the president's house at 6am this morning, 4 shots were fired and later they left in vehicles towards the air base. The soldiers also took over the government television station, Channel 8, and took it off air. Zelaya is currently speaking live on Telesur TV, from Costa Rica.

In Venezuela, protests are starting in main city plazas and outside the Honduran Embassy. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez spoke on Telesur earlier, with this statement, reported by the Bolivarian News Agency (ABN) and translated by

(click here to view entire article; click here to listen to the Telesur interview with Chavez in Spanish)


Anonymous said...

Venezuelan, Cuban, and Nicaraguan Ambassadors to Honduras Kidnapped

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Anonymous said...

just read this from lenin's tomb. hilary clinton has condemned it. my speculation is that the US provided tacit support (as if the military would have done it without at least tacit support) while the US's relatively weak position in the arena demands an explicit distancing from it. especially as to do otherwise would play into chavez's hands