Monday, 5 January 2009

Oil Prices and Venezuela's Economy

[This paper looks at Venezuela’s export revenue, imports, and trade and current account balances under a range of oil price outcomes for the next two years. It finds that Venezuela would run large current account surpluses for prices between $60-90 per barrel, and would even run a small surplus with prices at $50 per barrel. (Most oil industry estimates for the next two years are in the range of $80-90 per barrel). The authors conclude that Venezuela is unlikely to run into foreign exchange constraints in the foreseeable future, and can pursue expansionary fiscal policies to counter any economic downturn.]

Oil Prices and Venezuela's Economy

November 2008, by Mark Weisbrot and Rebecca Ray - CEPR

(click here to view entire report; click here to view entire report in Spanish)

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RPL said...

The Oil Wars blog takes issue with some of the conclusions in the above report.

It will take more than a slight of hand to fix this.